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I met this lady whom was my sisters friend.I was a virgin when we met each other.I remember my first as a total slut.I met in our downstairs apartment of our house.Mygirlfriend and I kissed passionately my tongue and hers were engaged for a hour as Iwas having her playing with my dick and I was fingering her sweet pussy.I remember her getting a call and her saying to my sister your brother is no longer a virgin.I loved the hot sex 69 and just the wayshe would suck my cock running her tongue up the shaft while sucking me hard and...


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The bell had rung for the dismissal of third period and now Tyler Martin was on his way to the cafeteria for lunch. The cafeteria was quite crowded that day since it was cold and raining outdoors in the courtyard and so, after he had gone through the lunch line and paid for his lunch, he turned and looked around for someplace to sit.The sophomore table was full, which is where he would normally sit and he didn't dare sit with the older kids – for a sophomore even at sixteen to sit anywhere other than the kiddie table as the kids called...


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Sex with a brunette who fucks with detainees xxx

I don’t know where we went wrong, but here we are… scratching and clawing like wounded animals. I guess I want this less than I thought I did, even as you foam with need to devour that.We used to be Mentos rapid-fired into pressurized Cola, a frothing eruption of sexual entropy followed by sticky sweet messes that left us craving the depths of saccharine extremes.More than we could handle.We pushed too far, indulged too much. The wide-eyed wonder faded, flattened to bitterness. Then hate. All I see is you and him, recreating what we used to have.  ...


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Maid Fucked In The Ass Hard Until She Has Orgasm

James was finishing yet another bar shift at the hotel. It had been a long week and tomorrow the guests were going home. The last guests wobbled up the stairs having had one too many benny and hot waters and muttered their good nights. James sighed with relief and started to lock reception up, the soft lights in the bar making his eyes lower with tiredness. He was thinking how much housekeeping needed to be done when his phone buzzed. He had a new text message. With a look of puzzlement he approached his phone on the side of the desk...


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