Sex On Summer Vacation With Students Fucked In The Boat

Sex On Summer Vacation With Students Fucked In The Boat

That weekend was full of more male nudity than I’d ever seen in my life.  We went without a stitch of clothing morning, noon, and night.  But the more time went on, the more comfortable I got with it.By Sunday evening, I’d spent so much time with the other pledges that I’d practically memorized every inch of their bodies.  Brody had a scar from where he’d gotten his appendix taken out.  Ryan had a birthmark on his right inner thigh.  Marcos had especially deep dimples above his ass.  Chad’s pits always looked like they’d been combed, and they perfectly matched his treasure trail, and his left nut usually hung above his right.The more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn’t my first time checking out guys.  In high school, for example, I’d known a dude named Johan Vanderkerk.  He was an insufferable asshole—basically a big dumb bully—but he was awfully nice to look at, at least from a distance.  Then there was Kevin Johnson, who’d dated my sister, and he wasn’t bad-looking either.  In fact, I could think of any number of specimens I’d quietly kept an eye on, though I’d never acknowledged those yearnings, even to myself.After I got back to my dorm, I started jacking off at least four times a day.  I’d never been that horny before.  I kept replaying my memories of that weekend, and I couldn’t stop thinking of the sex I’d had with Chad.  I just couldn’t get over how he’d felt inside me, and how I’d felt inside him.  I loved how he’d talked dirty to me, especially when he was begging for my cock.When I wasn’t rubbing one out, I spent my free time prowling the net.  I found out Chad was right: apparently fuck buddies weren’t that unusual.  Craigslist was full of postings from nearby “men seeking men”.  A lot of them said they had wives or girlfriends but wanted dick on the side.  They weren’t exactly shy about what they were after: Horny str8 guy with a house looking to host some muscular/athletic for fun around 3pm. Big masc sports guy, into str8 sports type dudes. Looking to get fucked. Like it doggy style. Mostly interested in redhead, blonde, lighter color hair but not an absolute requirement. Not into twinks or really skinny. I just ask that you be in relatively decent shape. I really dig a guy with chest/body hair, even if it’s trimmed a little. Please no one over 40. No druggies or fakes/flakes. text or email with pics. Thanks hey guys,Looking try new stuff with dudes. I am not very experienced but looking. gl masc guy here, 29, white, in shape, 6’ tall, bubble butt. Like guys older than me but nothing set in stone.....I have girlfriend so discretion a must. Hit me up with your face pic in the first email.Don’t be shy! And I’ll respond. Im a 26 year old athletic, jock, BI, 6’ 185#. 8’’ thick, I suck / swallow, discreet and on the down low. Wanting a hookup buddy. Nothing serious, a "friends w/benefits" type of thing. I usually top but occasional bottom as well. Love foreplay!!! Clean and soft type. younger the better, but im open to age...reply with pix, no pix no play. Looking for now I’m a good looking straight masc guy, look the part, act the part.Seeing if there is someone that wants to change that, what that entails is up to you.  Open to just you or have a friend help you convince me.  I’m new at this so I have a virgin ass and only sucked a couple of times. I am a discrete guy who likes seeing guys naked and watching them play. Really like watching guys fuck, suck, rim and eat cum. Also opened to one man solos if you are young and hot. In addition to watching, I like touching, feeling and jerking off guys.  Would love it if I could do a friends with benefits. I’m 25, masc, in shape, 6’ tall, bubble butt. Send pics and stats.  Put Str8 in subject so I know your not spam. The more I read, the more I learned about guy-on-guy stuff.  Before all this had happened, I’d never heard the lingo, or at least I hadn’t known what it meant.  But now I got to know the difference between a top, bottom, and vers.  I learned about body types like twinks, bears, and otters.  I found out how important lube was, and what poppers were for.  I even got to know nasty terms like gen (which was basically code for hiring a hooker) and pissplay (which I always thought was disgusting).  I also got wind of what Grindr was for, and I was tempted to log on, but I decided not to; I figured no one knew my secret but Chad, and I was determined to keep it that way.I’d just found a nice porn site, and I’d pulled down my pants, when my phone let off a buzz.  I looked over and saw a text waiting for me.Hey, Chad said.I waited for Chad to elaborate.  I could see the little thought bubble on my phone—or whatever it was called—but it took a while for his next text to come through.I heard you had Chem 121 in the fall, he said.  Do you still have your notes?I licked my lips and stuffed my cock in my pants.  I could’ve emailed him what he’d asked for, but I could tell he wasn’t really after my notes.  On that night, with my roommate gone, we could have my whole room to ourselves.Yeah, I texted back.  If you want them, come over whenever.Chad showed up at my door just a few minutes later.  He looked totally casual in a Kobe jersey and jeans.  I handed him my notes, which I’d just finished printing a few seconds before.“Thanks, dude,” he said, “this is a lifesafer.  I fucking hate that class.”“Yeah,” I said, “I think everybody does.”“Dr. Wells is making me do my lab on Friday.”“Friday?”“Yeah, it sucks,” he said.  “I asked to reschedule, but that asshole wouldn’t let me—”“Shit,” I said.  The Kap Eps’ next party was that Friday.  As the newest members, we were supposed to do the grunt work.  If Chad couldn’t make it, it meant the rest of us would need to pick up the slack.“I mean, I guess I’ll do what I can beforehand—for the party I mean.  Then I’ll get there when I can.”“That’s cool,” I said.  “I hope you don’t miss much—”“Yeah, me too,” he said.We both paused for a second.  I looked into Chad’s eyes, and Chad looked right back.  “You know,” I finally said, “I’m glad we’re brothers now.  Well, frat brothers I mean.”“Are you sure we should call it that?”“What do you mean?”Chad shrugged.  “I heard they don’t like the word frat.”“Why not?”“I dunno... I guess they don’t like the connotation.”I frowned.  “But if we’re just talking amongst ourselves—”“I know,” he said, “I’m just saying.”  He seemed almost ready to leave, but then he pointed to the empty bed beside us.  “Do you seriously not have a roommate?”“I used to,” I said, “but then he dropped out.”“Holy shit,” he said.  “You know how lucky you are?”“O-oh, I don’t know,” I said.  “They’ll put me with somebody else next fall, if I don’t move anyway.  All I can do is enjoy this while it lasts.”“And I bet you do,” Chad said.  He glanced under my computer desk, at a dirty pair of underwear.  I suddenly realized I’d left them there the last time I’d jacked off.  “I wasn’t, ah, interrupting you, was I?”“No,” I said.  “I-I mean, come on, I invited you over…”“Well, I still think you’re lucky.  I can’t stand my roommate.”“Why not?”“He’s so fucking uptight,” he said.  “He could give a preacher a run for his money.  I mean, he acts all weird when I’m getting dressed.  I don’t know what the fuck he expects... and he doesn’t want me watching T.V. when he’s studying, which is pretty much all the time.  A-and forget about me bringing girls over.”I frowned.  “How much did you want to bring girls over?”Chad suddenly stumbled over his words.  “W-well, I mean, uh... well, I don’t think that’s important.”I shrugged.  “Well, if you want, you can hang out here whenever...”He finally seemed to move in for the kill.  “You mean like how we hung out the other night?”I could feel my dick twitch.  “For example,” I said.Chad nodded.  “You know,” he said, “it felt so good when I was fucking you—”“It felt good when I was fucking you too.”“Yeah, well, don’t get any ideas,” he said.  “I never get fucked.  I was drunk.”I shrugged.  “That’s not what you said when you begged for my dick.”Chad gave my butt a hard slap.  “You’re lucky you have this,” he said.  “Or else I’d beat the shit out of you.”“Promise?” I asked.Chad didn’t seem to know how to react.  He acted pissed at first, but then he looked into my eyes.  “Scott,” he said, “about the other night… was that your first time with a guy?”“Y-yeah,” I said, “unless you want to count that circle jerk beforehand.”“Same here,” he said.  He paused for a second, then nodded.  “Although I gotta admit… it’s a helluva way to lose our man virginities…”  Then his voice trailed off.“What?”“I-I mean, I hear guys are better at this shit, well, since we know what feels good to us.  You know, like blowjobs—I’ve heard they’re supposed to be better from a guy.”“Fuck if I know,” I said.“You did seem like an expert in taking my cock.”“You should talk!” I yelled.I was about to say something else, but then Chad moved in toward me, and the next thing I knew, he was sucking my face.  He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight against his body.I ran my hands up and down his back, and I savored every inch.  Chad’s lips pressed up against mine, and he let off a little moan.  I tasted his tongue and felt his hot breath against my skin.  The feeling was every bit as sexy as I’d remembered it.Suddenly Chad broke off the kiss, grappled with my pants, and pulled my dick out.  Then he dropped to his knees and opened his mouth.“Oh shit,” I said as I felt him licking my cock.He ran his tongue around my head, then wrapped his lips around my shaft.  Then he took my whole dick in his mouth, buried his face in my pubes, and started sucking me like there was no tomorrow.The sensation was incredible.  Chad’s mouth felt so warm and wet, and the suction made me almost want to bust.  “Oh yeah,” was all I could say.Chad pulled my pants and undies the rest of the way down.  Without taking his mouth off me, he took one hand and started stroking my shaft, while he fondled my balls with the other.  A new wave of ecstasy flooded my body.I pulled off my shirt and lay back against my bed.  I looked down and marveled at the sight of my cock in Chad’s mouth.  He looked back at me, and he seemed downright ravenous.  I could feel his tongue darting back and forth, and it drove me fucking crazy.Chad started going faster and faster, and my dick started feeling hotter and hotter.  I couldn’t stop my body writhing against the bed, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer.“Fuck, I’m about to cum,” I said.  Chad didn’t seem to react.  “I’m gonna cum,” I said again.  I tried to pull away, but Chad wouldn’t let me.Finally I let out a cry, and I unloaded into Chad’s throat.  He didn’t miss a beat; he sucked me dry, then swallowed and pulled my dick from his mouth.“Oh fuck,” was all I could say.Chad got up off his knees.  He didn’t seem fazed by the fact that he’d just eaten my load.  “What’s the verdict?” he asked.“Holy shit,” I said, “you were right.  Nobody’s ever blown me like that.”“Good,” he said.  “Now it’s your turn.”  And with that, he sat on my bed.I was nervous at first, and I wasn’t sure where to start.  I’d only gotten a handful of blowjobs myself—my ex didn’t like to do it—and I’d definitely never given one.  I did like the idea of pleasuring Chad, and I didn’t want to disappoint.I knelt down, unzipped Chad’s
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pants, and pulled out his cock.  His manhood was even more gorgeous up close, and by that point it was as hard as concrete.  I was tempted to go down on him right then, but first I peeled off the rest of his clothes, and I threw them aside.“Fucking tease,” he said.I was in awe of how hot he looked right then, but I didn’t say anything.  I was on pins and needles, and I wasn’t sure what to do next.  Finally I just opened my mouth, leaned down, and took his whole cock in one gulp.  His tip hit the back of my throat, and I had to force myself not to gag.  Then I started moving my head up and down.“Oh God yeah,” he said.I was surprised at how natural this felt, as if I’d been doing it for years.  Chad’s dick tasted meaty and juicy, garnished with just a hint of pre-cum.  I tried to work his cock the same way he’d worked mine: I sucked and licked his shaft, and I used my hands to play with his balls.  I was breathing hard, and I kept savoring the musky smell of his body.“Shit,” he gasped.  “That feels so good.”I started playing with his taint, and I felt his body respond.  His cock seemed to get even harder, and I had trouble keeping it all in my mouth.  I moved my hand downward and dabbed at his ass.  I teased his hole for a few seconds, then stuck my fingertip inside.“Oh shit,” he said as he thrust into my mouth.  By now he was practically face-fucking me.I sucked on Chad as hard as I could, as if I was giving a hickey.  I tried to keep my tongue darting around, but we were moving so fast that it was easier said than done.  I felt like I was Chad’s bitch, and I wanted nothing more than to make him feel good.“I’m fucking close,” he said.  My finger was still in his hole, so I could feel his sphincter start to tense up.  I was afraid of what would happen next, but I figured I owed it to him to keep going.Then, without any other warning, his dick started to shoot.  I felt his cum hit my throat and the roof of my mouth.  I was surprised at how much I liked the taste.  Chad was groaning with pleasure, so I kept working his cock.  Finally his spasms died down, and I swallowed his cum.“Holy fuck,” he said.  “That was incredible.”I plopped down on my bed beside him.  “So you liked that?”“Fuck yeah,” he said.  “That was better than any girl.”I didn’t want Chad to leave at that point, and I don’t think he wanted to go either.  We both knew our classmates would’ve seen him, and we didn’t want them to talk.  And so we just lay in my bed together, chatting and snuggling.I’d never lain in the arms of a man before, but now that I was there, I felt perfectly comfortable.  My twin-sized bed was small for two people, but our bodies were so closely intertwined that we made it work.  We could’ve made use of my roommate’s old bed, but we didn’t really want to, so it sat empty the whole time.Chad’s warm skin kept pressing against mine, and his breath kept blowing against the back of my neck.  I couldn’t stop thinking that my seed was in his stomach, and vice versa.  I was about to say something about it, but then Chad cleared his throat.“Scott,” he said, “should we be using condoms?”Shit, I thought, what a buzzkill.  I’d used condoms with my ex, and I’d always thought they were a pain.  I’d been so glad when she’d gone on the pill so we could stop using them.  Of course, with Chad there was no chance of anyone getting pregnant, but still…“I dunno,” I said, “I-I mean, I guess… but I did get tested last semester, and I haven’t been with anybody else since…”“Are you saying you can still fuck me?”I was surprised at how blunt he was.  I blinked and looked back at him.  “I thought you said you never got fucked.”Chad reached down to my crotch, and he rubbed his hand along my shaft.  “Maybe I can make an exception for this,” he said.“You’re not drunk this time,” I said, “so you can’t use that excuse.”“Fuck you!”“Exactly.  That’s the idea.”I reached down and started toying with his asshole.  Chad gasped and pressed his ass against my hand.  I licked my lips.“You like this, don’t you?” I asked.“Fuck, doesn’t everybody?” he asked.  “I had an ex who played with my ass while I fucked her.  It was awesome.”I kept watching Chad’s expression.  Part of me didn’t want to think of him fucking a girl.  At the same time, I loved how he could fuck anyone he wanted, yet he was lying here with me.“I’m up for a second round if you are,” he said.I nodded.  “Roll over,” I said.“What are you going to do?”I didn’t answer at first.  I remembered how he’d rimmed me the other night, and I wanted to return the favor.I rolled him onto his stomach, then made him stick his ass in the air.  I pulled apart his cheeks till his fuckpucker pointed straight at me.  I’d never seen an ass so close before—on either a girl or a guy—and I couldn’t wait to dive in.  His hole was like a bullseye, with a ring of hair around it, and an inner ring of light skin just inside, and a circle of dark skin in the middle.“That’s so fucking hot,” I said.“Just do it,” he said.I took a deep breath, stuck out my tongue, and licked at his ass.  It tasted a lot like his cock, or his lips for that matter.  I could sense a little sweat on him, but otherwise he was perfectly clean, and the flavor of his skin damn near drove me crazy.  His body shuddered, and his hole contracted around my tongue.  Then he relaxed, and I managed to stick my tongue deeper inside.Eating him out was nothing like eating a girl.  His ass was so perfect that I couldn’t get enough of it.  I loved how manly he was, and how toned his muscles were.  My face plowed into his crack, and I puckered my lips around his hole.  Chad let out a low groan, which seemed to come from deep inside his body.I reached between his legs, where his balls were dangling beneath him.  I ran my hands along his sack, and his whole package contracted in response.  Then I started pumping his cock in the same rhythm as my lips and tongue.Chad let me service him for a minute, but then he pushed my hands away.  “You’re going to make me cum,” he said.  “I don’t want it just yet.”I obeyed him to a point, but I still kept rimming his ass.  I sucked on his pucker and ran my tongue in a spiral.  I loved how tender his skin was down there, and how sensitive he seemed to be.  His body seemed to relax more and more, and his hole opened wider and wider.  It was like his whole body was offering itself up to me.Chad looked back at me.  “I want you to fuck me,” he said.I pulled my face away from his ass.  “What did you say?”“Dammit, you heard me.”  Chad dropped down to the bed, rolled over, and looked at me with those big chestnut eyes.  “C’mere.”I liked what I was hearing, but I wanted to tease him some more.  “How bad do you want it?” I asked.“Dude, I’m so fucking horny.”“Well, I’m thinking about it—”“Oh goddammit!”“Sh.”  I leaned down and whispered into his ear.  “You don’t want anybody to hear us, do you?”“Stop being a pussy,” he hissed.I didn’t have any lube, so I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my cock.  “You ready for this?”“Yeah,” he said.  His legs were open wide, and his loosened-up mancunt was obviously eager for action.  He looked an awful lot like the fantasy I’d had.I rubbed my cockhead over his ass, then started to push my way in.  But it didn’t go very far before Chad flinched with pain.“Ow,” he said.  He tried to guide me a little further, but the friction was hurting both of us.  My dick was throbbing with discomfort, and his ass was clenching up.  I tried forcing my way in, the way I’d done before, but it only made it hurt worse.“Shit,” I said as I pulled away from him.  I knew lube was the issue, so I looked around for anything I could use.“Hurry up, dude,” he said.I opened the drawer for my toiletries, and I pulled out a bottle of conditioner.  I figured that would work, considering how slick and oily it was.  I poured some of it on my fuckstick, gave myself a quick rub, and dabbed some more on Chad’s hole.“Now go for it,” he said.“Yes, sir.”  I positioned myself back over him, and I guided my cock into place.“Right now,” he said.I followed his order and rammed right into his ass.  This time there was no pain, at least not from my end.  He seemed to swallow me right up, and the next thing I knew, my balls were slapping against his ass.“Oh fuck yes!” he gasped as I started pounding into him.  He grabbed the headboard above him, and he just lay there with his legs in the air.  He looked like I fucking owned him; his whole body seemed dedicated to taking me like a champ.  “Oh God,” he said, “that feels so good…”“You like that?”“Fuck yeah,” he said.  “Keep doing that.”I plowed into him as hard as I could, and I felt something inside him.  Chad’s eyebrows went up, and his mouth dropped open.  I thrust into him again, and his body responded a second time.  I realized my dick was hitting his prostate; I knew this was supposed to feel good, but I didn’t expect the reaction I was seeing.  Chad was downright speechless, and he barely seemed in control of his body.I pumped so hard that my dick popped out of his ass.  I fumbled for a second as Chad’s face went into contortions.  “Oh God,” he said, “fucking get it back in.”I grabbed my dick and shoved it back where it belonged.  Chad let out a loud sigh, as if I’d just fed a primeval hunger.“Oh fuck, that feels so good!  Oh shiiiiiit…”I looked down and reveled in the sight of my rod impaling his body.  His mancunt was better than any pussy; it was so fucking tight, and it responded to every move I made.  His cock and balls were standing at attention, but I made sure not to touch them, so they just bounced back and forth as I fucked him.Chad looked up at me.  “I want you to cum in me,” he said.  “Just fucking bust.”I didn’t say anything; I just leaned down and kissed him.  He groaned as he locked his lips against mine.  Then he clamped his arms around me, pulled the rest of my body toward him, and whispered into my ear.“I want you to fill me up,” he said.  “Cum in me now.”I nodded but didn’t say anything.  I wanted to watch him take my load, so I stared right into his eyes, and I could feel my cock starting to tingle.  I adjusted my angle and hit his prostate again.    Chad muffled a scream.  My cock erupted in his ass just as his body went into convulsions.  His jaw seemed to shake, and he closed his eyes as he shot ropes of cum all over himself.“Oh fuck!” seemed to be all he could say.I gave him a few more thrusts and waited for the ecstasy to die down.  Then I looked down and marveled at my conquest.  I couldn’t believe Chad had orgasmed without touching himself.  I thought that kind of thing only happened in porn.  And his load was bigger than I’d expected, considering he’d already gotten off that night.“Woah,” I said without thinking.“Dude,” he said, “that was mindblowing.  I can barely fucking move.”I grinned and pulled my dick from his boyhole.  As I did, a little white glob dribbled down his crack.  The rest of my load stayed safely inside him.“Oh fuck,” he said as his asshole contracted.I leaned down to his crotch, and without saying a word, I lapped up Chad’s cum.  I ran my tongue along his treasure trail, then gave his nipples a quick suck.  Then I licked his neck and gave him a deep kiss.  Chad was so relaxed that he didn’t resist.Finally I pulled back and smiled.  “We should do this again sometime,” I said.Chad let out a deep sigh.  “Fuck yeah,” was all he could say. To be continued...  

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