Fat girl licked and fucked in the pussy and between the tits

Fat girl licked and fucked in the pussy and between the tits

After our session with Adriana, Pam seemed to be riding a high. Her whole demeanour changed; the stress and worry she had exhibited seemed to fade away. I think that her realization that she was bisexual and the fact that I did not take umbrage was part of it.We were scheduled to meet with Adriana and her friend Reinaldo the coming Saturday night. Pam seemed excited about experiencing her first experience with another couple.As Saturday approached, she started to become moody and distant. Our lovemaking was still orgiastic. However, I sensed something was wrong. Buyer's remorse was what came to my mind; she was having second thoughts about being in a relationship with me. That saddened me as I genuinely had fallen for her and didn't want to lose her.I finally decided to cut to the chase and bring up the subject. "Pam, what's troubling you?" I asked.She looked up at me, wistfully with tears in her eyes. "Chris, I'm scared.""What's scaring you, honey?"She remained silent, and the waterworks kept flowing.I sat on the couch next to her and ran my fingers through her blond hair. My arms enfolded her, and I whispered in her ear, "Just tell me. Always remember I am your friend and will always stand by you.""Always?" she blurted out through the sobs."Always, no matter what!""The other day, I saw you looking at Adriana naked, and I saw the look of lust in your eyes. What if you decide you want to be with her instead of with me? Would you leave me?""Wow! Where did that come from? How do I explain this to you?"Honey, there is something different about you and me. We are both shameless hedonists. Both you and I will always lust for sexual experiences. I knew that you would always lust for other men and now also women. It was something that I accepted from the beginning."Now if we walk down the street and you see me looking at another woman, I want you to understand that it does not mean that I am going to run after her and leave you.""But… But does that not mean you desire her and want to be with her?""Pam, you don't differentiate between lust and love. The other day you lusted for Adriana but did you love her?""No, of course not. Not the same way I love you.""So how do you define love?""What a question. I don't know if I have ever defined it. What is your definition?""Hey! That's cheating, I asked the question first. But I'll be nice. Love is the most misused word in the English language. People love ice cream, love their car, love a song, and they use that interchangeably when trying to describe probably the most powerful emotion a person can feel. Love to me is when you care enough for another person that you will do anything in your power to make that person happy. Once you understand that, everything falls into place."On the other hand, there is lust. Lust is when a person causes that tingle in your pussy or for a man gives him an erection."Pam looked at me and remained silent. I got up and went to get us both a drink. When I returned, she stood up from the couch, wrapped her arms around me, and raised her head to give me a kiss. "Chris, I love you and… I like ice cream. I always like your cream too. I now understand."I’m still nervous, however, about our swing session with Adriana and Reinaldo. What if I don't find him attractive?""Don't worry about that, honey. Reinaldo owns the Fogo de Chao Churrascaria in Copley Square. We are meeting there to have supper and do a strategic reconnaissance. If you are not willing, you and I will return home alone. Though knowing Adriana's taste in men, I think you will at a minimum find him attractive.""If I find him attractive you won't mind if we fuck?""No, I don't mind. I have confidence in myself and in you. I am not threatened by other men or women. It is not a macho thing. It's just that I know who I am and want to lead you to the same realizations for yourself. Knowing myself means that I know you are for me. I had been searching a long time for you and believe that to use that overworked, but nevertheless correct phrase, we are soulmates.""Oh, Chris, that's so sweet. I thought likewise but was too self-conscious to say it.""Now I'm ready for brunch, and you are the menu: Appetizer, main course, and dessert. What do you think?""Sounds delicious!"oOo"Chris, what do I wear tonight? This is a first for me, I have never attended an orgy before.""Dress in something you are comfortable in but which makes you feel sexy. Don't forget to wear the bling which Adriana provided. It will please her and me as well as Reinaldo if you allow him the opportunity to see it.""Panties?""Yes. You can take your panties off at the restaurant if you decide to."She came out of the bedroom attired in a midnight blue mini dress that struggled to contain her ass, and I swear that if she took a deep breath it would rise high enough to reveal that wisp of silk that she wore as panties. Speaking of deep breaths, the cleavage revealed what was enough to send even St Peter directly to hell. You could say 'her cup runneth over' without exaggerating.Her extraordinary legs were shod in matching midnight blue saddleback stiletto pumps with a four-inch spike heel. When standing straight, she was almost as tall as me. I just hoped Reinaldo was tall or he would be intimidated by her. But who knows? Maybe that was part of her strategy.We called for an Uber to take us to the club. During the drive over, Pam was silent but snuggled really close to me as if seeking reassurance in my presence.The Uber dropped us off in front of a modern glass building. I had my misgivings as I would feel as if I was sitting in a goldfish bowl with all passersby being able to observe our every move.The maître d' who greeted us asked if we had a reservation; when we told him we were guests of Mr. Reinaldo, he gave us a knowing smile and led us to the second floor. As we walked through the restaurant I'll swear some men must have sprained their necks ogling Pam as she swayed through the place.We were shown to a private room with a table set for four. A waiter came in and asked us whether we would have a pre-dinner drink. Pam asked him what he would recommend, and he suggested a caipirinha."What's that?" Pam asked.He explained that it was Brazil's most popular aperitif made from a mixture of Brazilian rum, lime, and sugar and that it would be perfect before the meal we would be served."I didn't know that Brazil produced rum," I interjected.He explained that the Brazilian rum was different in that it was made from sugar cane and not from molasses, so it was much smoother than other rums.On that note, Adriana and Reinaldo entered. Adriana was stunning as usual. Dressed similarly to Pam except the dress colour was green. Her cleavage was breathtaking as her massive breasts threatened to spill out at the slightest motion.Reinaldo was tall (thank god), and his swarthy complexion was a match for Adriana's. He sported a well-trimmed mustache and was muscular, not like a weightlifter but more like a swimmer. His dark eyes sparkled as he looked at Pam.He came over, and we exchanged handshakes.  He went to Pam and kissed her hand. I could tell she was taken aback. There is not much hand-kissing done in the US today. She smiled at him as his hand lingered a few moments on hers.Meanwhile, Adriana enveloped me in a hug and gave me a sweet kiss. She went to Pam, and this time the kiss lasted longer and was more passionate.Reinaldo turned to me and said, "Chris, I admire your taste. She is a stunning lady, and I see that Adriana also approves.""Yes. I think they will be very close. Adriana and Pam talked every day this week. I think they are becoming BFFs.""My new friends, why don't we sit down and I will explain what I suggest as our dinner. Have you ever had a Brazilian Churrascaria?"I admitted that it was one of my favourite meals, while Pam confessed not knowing about it.Reinaldo explained that Churrascaria was a selection of meats, fish, and seafood grilled on skewers and sliced at the table off the skewer. The servings were in smaller portions to permit the diner to sample a variety of dishes and tastes. This would be accompanied by rice and a selection of salads and vegetables."It sounds delicious,” Pam said, “We place ourselves in your capable hands."As soon as she spoke, she realized what she had said and blushed deeply.Adriana burst out laughing. "I see you are considering my advice. I am sure you will enjoy the experience.""When Adriana spoke to me this week she told me that you had never had a swapping experience, Pam.""No, Reinaldo, if I decide to do this it will be a first for me. I am very nervous about the whole concept.""Why?""Many reasons. Chris and I just met, and I have fallen head over heels in love with him, and I fear that he will prefer Adriana to me. I also don't want Chris to feel hurt if he sees me enjoying the attentions of another man."Reinaldo turned to me, "Well, Chris, what do you have to say to that?""Reinaldo, I have explained to Pam that both she and I are highly sexually driven. That I prefer to be a participant and sometimes the initiator of our sexcapades. She knows I feel about her the same way she thinks about me. I have agreed with her that I will have to give my approval for any man she desires as she will have to give her consent of any woman I desire."Like you, I am not a cuckold. I think the term applied to men such as you and I is 'stag'. I have also explained to her the differentiation between love and lust. She also knows that she is the one who controls her choices. If after our meal, she does not feel right about this, then each couple will go their own way."Turning to Pam, he asked, "How do you feel if Chris and Adriana enjoy each other tonight?""Apart from the fear I expressed before I would enjoy watching them and participating in the action.""So you do understand that there is a shared pleasure in sharing.""Yes, I do, but I still have to get used to the concept as it has not been part of my experience.""Good! If you do decide favorably I assure you I will do my best to make you enjoy the experience. Now let's eat."As if by magic, the waiter entered and started serving the appetizers. Two cold-water lobster claws, one split lobster tail, and four jumbo shrimp. Served with drawn butter, Brazilian malagueta cocktail sauce, and fresh lemon.Adriana asked Pam if she was wearing her special jewelry; when Pam answered in the affirmative a broad smile appeared on her face. She told us that she was wearing a matched set but with rubies instead of sapphires.I almost drooled at the mental image of Adriana bedecked as I knew Pam was with nipple and clit clamps and those intriguing spheres stuffed up her ass. Reinaldo leaned over and said, "Con su permisso," then gently pulled her dress out slightly to look at the nipple clamps attached around her engorged nipples. "Delicious," he said smiling.Pam smiled and in turn, ran her hand up his thigh and sampled his cock through his trousers. She smiled at him and said, "Exquisito!" with a big smile on her face.Reinaldo had that ability common to all true great lovers of devoting his complete attention on the woman he was courting, so while he devoted his focus on Pam, I did likewise with Adriana.Course succeeded course from Picanha the prime part of the top sirloin to marinated chicken legs, shrimp, lamb, and pork. Thankfully the portions were small and were passed around repeatedly so you could resample anything you particularly liked. The meal was accompanied by a robust California Cabernet.Sated, we sat there, chit-chatting among ourselves. We passed on dessert, wanting to sample other types of desserts. Adriana asked Pam to join her, and both went to powder their noses. When they returned, Adriana handed me a pair of minuscule panties while Pam gave hers to Reinaldo. I brought the panties to my nose and inhaled the aroma of Adriana's juices while Reinaldo did likewise with Pam's.He turned to me and said, "Methinks the ladies are willing and eager, what do you think?""I agree. Shall we depart to someplace where we will be more at ease?""One last thing before we go to cap this Brazilian evening. Pam, do you like to dance?""Why, yes!"He opened a door and led us to a small private dance floor. Music filled the room from an unseen source with the rhythm of Brazilian samba.Reinaldo took Pam's hand and led her through the steps of a voluptuous samba. I noticed his hands straying to caress her charms, sliding up her thigh, or caressing her ass. Luckily owning a club myself I was able to follow suit and danced with Adriana. By the time the dance was over both he and I were stretching the front of our pants.It always amazed me how Adriana's body was such a delight to hold and to caress. As the dance ended, she crawled up my body and gave me a kiss that left me weak at the knees. I noticed that Reinaldo was also kissing Pam and that his hand was up between Pam's thighs and I was sure he was sampling a very wet pussy.oOoWe grabbed an Uber and returned to Pam's apartment. No sooner were we through the door that Pam announced she was going to take a shower and asked Adriana if she wanted to join her."Now you boys stay here and entertain yourselves while Adriana and I get ready for the festivities," she giggled. With that, both women left. Reinaldo and I had a drink and impatiently awaited their return."How do you want to do this, Chris?" he asked. "Separate couples or group orgy?""I believe Pam would feel more comfortable with a group swap, she has not done this before, and I want her to be at ease. With Adriana and myself there, she will also see the delight of being a voyeur, and it will help her understand lust versus love.""Good idea. Are there particular things you would like to have Pam experience?""I know she wants to have a double penetration at some point and I would like to see her edged till she b
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egs.""That should be fun.""Have you ever given someone a tongue bath?""No.""Don't worry, I will lead the way. I intend that Adriana, you, and I give her that experience."We could hear giggles and moans coming from the bathroom during our conversation."I think the girls have started without us," I said.He laughed. "Yes, that is something I would enjoy watching.""Let's give them a bit of privacy. I am sure they will be ready to give us a show while we poor men get our energy back at some point."At long last, the women returned. They wore matching lingerie consisting of half-cup push-up bras, minuscule panties that barely covered their charms and garter belts supporting thigh-high hose. The colours matched their erotic jewelry, Pam in sapphire and Adriana in red.Pam walked up to Reinaldo and started stripping him of his clothes while Adriana paid me the same compliment. They had us stand beside each other and knelt down in front of us."Look, Adriana, aren't those cocks magnificent?" Pam said while taking one member in each hand."Truly magnificent," Adriana said while palming our testicles. "They are very similar, almost the same length, though I think Chris's is maybe a tad thicker."In concert, both women started licking the lengths of our shafts. Adriana's velvety tongue ran the length of my cock and swirled around the head licking off the ooze of precum I was secreting. I looked beside me, and Pam was savoring Reinaldo's cock with a distinct gleam of pleasure in her eyes. She glanced over at me and smiled then mouthed 'I love you.'We soon were being gulped down two greedy throats. It made for a beautiful scene. The contrast between Pam's paleness and Reinaldo's darker skin mirrored by a similar difference between Adriana and myself.Soon my cock was throbbing with need as Adriana worked it with a vengeance. I could tell from Reinaldo's moans that he was similarly enjoying the warmth of Pam's mouth. Adriana paused to take a breath, and Pam grasped my cock. She tried in vain to get both cocks in her mouth at the same time. Failing, she resorted to sucking each one in turn. I felt as if I was ready to explode when Reinaldo stepped back and said, "Not yet. I don't want to come now."I picked Pam up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. Adriana and Reinaldo followed, and we positioned her on her back on the bed. I went to her scarf drawer and got a scarf, which I proceeded to bind around her eyes so she wouldn't be able to see."Now, Pam, we are going to proceed to tease you. This is a game where you have to guess who it is that is the teaser."I took the other two and explained to them in hushed tones that we were to proceed to lick suck and finger Pam separately and together. We got on the bed, surrounded her, and I started by tightening her nipple clamps. As her nipples became engorged, Reinaldo stepped in and started licking around her areolas without touching the nipple. Pam blurted out between gasps, "Chris!""Wrong," I said, "your teasing time will be extended by five minutes beyond the ten minutes we were going to do this. We are not going to make you cum till you have endured us teasing you, so be careful with your guesses."I moved Reinaldo out of the way and started licking her nipples and sucking them into my mouth, while Reinaldo inserted two fingers deep into her pussy."Ooh! Chris, you are playing with my nipples, and Reinaldo is fingering my pussy.""Correct. Are you enjoying being our sex toy, my love?""Uhmm! I love it."Adriana leaned over her and kissed her, sliding her tongue deep into her mouth. I saw both women sucking each other’s tongue and exchanging spit. It was a sight to take your breath away.I went down and toyed with her clit and the attached clamp drawing moans of delight from her."Adriana is kissing me, I love the feel of her tongue in my mouth. Reinaldo is still fingering me, and that must be you, Chris, sucking my clit. You guys are making me so horny."I saw Reinaldo spot the chain coming out of Pam's ass, and he slowly started to pull on it. The jeweled beads came out one at a time, the biggest first. When the third bead came out, Pam was left with her asshole gaping. Reinaldo lowered his mouth and began rimming her and slowly probed that opening with his tongue."Oh! That's Reinaldo in my ass, I can feel his mustache. Damn, that feels so good."Leaving Pam on the bed, I gathered the three of us in the corner of the room and explained that now we were going to give Pam a tongue bath. Each one would lick her body till not one square inch was left not sampled. We went back to the bed and placed Pam on her side. I raised her leg and attached it to one of the posts of the canopy bed so she would be fully open and exposed to us.I could tell this game was getting to both Reinaldo and Adriana. Her pussy was glistening, and his cock, as well as mine, were oozing precum. I sent Adriana to Pam's feet, Reinaldo to her front while I took the backside.When we were in place, we got down to business. Adriana was soon sucking on Pam's toes, and from the sound of the giggles coming from Pam, I guessed Reinaldo was probably licking and sucking around her navel, which I knew was a very ticklish spot for her.I moved her blonde locks out of the way and sucked on the nape of her neck and nibbled on her earlobes before teasing her ears. I let my tongue slide down and lick the length of her back, stopping for a few moments to kiss the side of her breasts.Pam's moans and gasps were now nonstop as every part of her body was stimulated. As we had agreed, we worked our way simultaneously towards her delicate parts, which we seemed to reach at the same time.I saw Adriana's tongue lave the now puffy pussy lips and then part them with her fingers to lap the creamy core in between. Her tongue was coated with Pam's juices, which were now flowing copiously.I parted Pam's ass cheeks and licked around her puckered ass hole, which now no longer gaped. I saw it slowly dilate as I probed my tongue at it. Pam suddenly thrust her hips back at me, and my tongue slipped right into her. From the sounds of her groans and moans, I presumed Reinaldo was sucking and licking her clit.I finally heard the words I was waiting for as Pam exclaimed, "Please! Oh, please make me cum. What you’re doing is driving me crazy."I pivoted Pam back on her back and brought her leg down. Reinaldo placed himself between her thighs and ran his cock through her pussy lips, getting it well anointed with her juices. He then raised her legs and put them well back against her tits.Adriana and I were watching; we saw his cock slide into her. He filled her with his whole length then paused, letting her get accustomed to him. Then started to saw back and forth into her with a vengeance. We could hear him smack into her ass with each stroke; Pam was keening as she received each thrust deep into her pussy. We could hear squelching sounds and see juice leaking out and down her ass crack.Adriana was sitting with her back to my stomach as we watched the spectacle unfold. I played with her tits and nipples while fingering an equally wet pussy. She twisted her head around to kiss me. "You, Sir, are quite a man. I want you to pound me to oblivion when they are done.”My cock, which was nudging her ass cheeks grew another inch at the thought.The sounds coming from Pam were otherworldly. Cries, shrieks and moans succeeded each other as she was pounded into the mattress. She suddenly yelled, "I'm going to cum!" We saw her back arch, and Reinaldo gave out a roar as they both had a simultaneous orgasm.Reinaldo withdrew, and a stream of cum flowed out of Pam's pussy. Adriana went forward and getting on her knee between Pam's thighs licked and sucked it all up.The position was ideal, and I got behind her and spreading her dark pussy lips till I could see the pink of her inner pussy, I drove my now aching cock right into her. She gasped but did not stop going down on Pam.Each time I thrust forward into her, it drove her mouth against Pam's pussy. I had both women in my line of vision and again marveled at the skin colour contrast. I had an internal giggle as I realized we must look like an inverted Oreo cookie. White on the outside and brown in the middle.I could feel my cock throb, and my balls grow tight as my cock head rubbed against her cervix. Pam's eyes were alternating between mine and Adriana's as she went through mini orgasm after mini orgasm. She smiled at me and mouthed 'thank you.'I felt Adriana's vagina clamp around me and milk my cock, which set me off to flooding her hot, wet, welcoming pussy with string after string of hot cream to her cries of delight as she also orgasmed.When I pulled out, Pam reversed her position and placed her head between Adriana's thighs. She licked and sucked at that glistening pussy swallowing every drop of our combined juices while Adriana continued devoting her attention to her.I sat beside Reinaldo, who said, "It is a pleasure to see another remarkable cocksman in action.""Thank you. You are not too shabby yourself. Didn't I tell you the ladies would provide the halftime show for us?""Yes, you certainly did. What have you planned next?""I had no plan as such. However, when Pam is rested, I think she would enjoy a double penetration by both of us. I am going to get some refreshments. You stay and enjoy the show.""With pleasure."I went out and came back with some vinho verde, a light Portuguese white wine.When I returned, Reinaldo looked at the bottle and smiled, "Keeping to the Portuguese Brazilian theme, I see. Obrigado."I poured four flutes of wine and brought two to where the women were still entwined. They looked up and reached for the flutes after reluctantly separating. They gulped avidly, and each of them came to cuddle in our arms.Pam exclaimed, "I never thought that sex could be this much fun. Thank you all for opening my eyes. Thank you, Chris, for allowing me to let myself be me. I understand now what you were explaining to me about love and lust. I lusted for Reinaldo but not for one second did I stop loving you," she said with her eyes glistening with what were now happy tears."When you are rested I have an idea for a new experience for you that will I believe make you happy. Ready for new things?""What?""Rest first, and then you'll see.""Meany, tell me.""No, it'll be a surprise again,"After Pam seemed rested, I again blindfolded her. I walked to a large lounge chair in the corner of the room and sat in it. I placed Pam with one leg on either side of mine and slowly drew her down till my cock was nudging her anal pucker. I pulled her down and felt myself slide past the initial sphincter and lodged myself deep up her ass.Adriana came over and licked her pussy till she was again secreting copious juice and then motioned Reinaldo over. He placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and gradually slid it right into her. I could feel her contract as we filled every nook and cranny of her pussy and ass. As soon as she seemed comfortable at our double intrusion, we started to thrust in and out of her.We soon established a rhythm and could feel her every muscle contract around us.I reached around and toyed with her nipples and loosened the clamps, which sent a flood of blood to her nipple, making her gasp. Adriana leaned forward and started licking and sucking those tender nubs eliciting more gasps.Pam started to raise and lower her hips in time with our thrusts and moaned with joy. If we had not cum so soon before I don't think we would have lasted more than a minute. When Adriana changed her focus to licking and sucking Pam's clit, it was as if we had unleashed an insatiable beast.I could feel every tremor of her body as she took in all the stimuli she was being subjected to simultaneously."God, I'm going to cum!" she yelled, and I felt her juices leaking around Reinaldo's cock and dripping on mine, further lubricating it. I could not take anymore and spurted my cum deep into her bowels while I felt Reinaldo's cock unleash his torrent in pulses into her womb.When we finally disengaged, we staggered to the bed, where we collapsed in a tangle of limbs.I must have snoozed as I suddenly came awake with Pam cuddled against me. She lazily opened her eyes and gave me a kiss. "Thank you for having given me my freedom, my love."The four of us woke up in the morning to sunlight streaming into the room. I stretched and went to the bathroom to relieve the hydraulic pressure that was giving me an erection. Pam and Adriana walked in on me and instantly, the erection was back.They turned on the shower and stepped in. Reinaldo came in and gave a sigh of relief as he had a pee. We joined the women in the shower and made sure both of them were thoroughly cleaned. It provoked naturally much groping, kissing and other sundry titillations.After showering we went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast; Reinaldo sliced some salmon paper-thin and heaped it on bagels covered with cream cheese. I made Mimosas for all of us, and the ladies scrambled eggs with ham and cheese.As we sat to eat, Adriana said, "I have an announcement to make. Last night after you two went to sleep, Reinaldo and I decided we were getting married. Pam, would you be my bridesmaid?""Wow! You want me to be your bridesmaid?""Yes. That way, I could be with you more often and enjoy your company. Chris, I think Reinaldo has a question for you."I looked over to him. "Chris, would you do me the honour of being my best man? We can't let the ladies have all the fun. Plus we can have a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties.""You boys can have your bachelor party as long as Adriana and I are part of the entertainment.""Done deal," said Reinaldo."Now what about me?" Adriana said. "Pam had all the attention last night. This morning I want the same as Pam had last night."  With sincere thanks to JefferyB for his help.

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