Video Sex Kisses Between Two Lesbians Giving Tongues To Her Pussy

Video Sex Kisses Between Two Lesbians Giving Tongues To Her Pussy

I got out of bed and headed toward the shower. I would have loved to invite my wife to join me, but it wouldn’t be long before the kids started dragging themselves out of bed and we couldn’t take the risk of getting caught. It’s hard to find any privacy in a house with two teenagers. That afternoon I flaked out in front of the coach with the TV on, but I was barely paying attention. Instead I was daydreaming about the morning encounter with my wife, the several encounters with Matt, and before long I was into a fantasy about sex with both of them together. I had never thought about sharing my wife with anyone, and had no reason to think she’d be interested, but the thought of, say, her sucking Matt while I fucked her, or sucking me while he fucked her, or me fucking her ass while he fucked her cunt, got me so hard I had to adjust myself. As I did so I realized my wife had come into the room and was standing behind me. “Thinking about this morning?” she whispered, nudging my shoulder. “So am I.” She took my hand and rubbed it against the front of her jeans, which were moist. Her panties were obviously sopping wet and soaking through the denim. I turned on the couch and tried to press my face against her crotch.  “Stop it, you!” she whispered, laughing. “The kids are in the house.” “I can’t wait to get you in bed again,” I said. “Same here,” she said. “So I called my mom and asked her and Dad to take the kids to the ball game tonight so you and I can have a few hours alone.” My dick gave a little twitch. “Sounds great!” I whispered back. “What did you have in mind?” “Oh, we’ll think of something,” she said, smiling. How we both got through the next few hours I’ll never know, but finally her dad came to pick up the kids. As soon as they were gone, I took her by the hand and started dragging her to the bedroom. “Don’t be in such a hurry, caveman,” she said. “We’ve got all evening, let’s take our time. Besides, I have an idea.” “What?” I said, thinking she was going to suggest, I don’t know, fucking on the kitchen table. “Get the car keys.” “Why? Where are we going?” “Just get the keys,” she said. “You’ll find out soon enough.” When I got them she said, “I’ll drive” and took them out of my hand. Now I was really getting curious. We got in and drove off. I was curious and impatient, but she seemed determined to take charge so I forced myself to sit quietly. A couple of times I reached over to rub her crotch, and to my delight she did not resist. I began to think we were going somewhere to fuck in the car when she pulled into a strip mall I hadn’t been in before and parked in front of one of those stores for lovers. “I’ve never been in one of these,” I said. “Have you?” “Once, before we were married, a friend dragged me into one,” she said. “She was looking for a vibrator.” “Did you get something?” “No,” she said, laughing. “But I enjoyed the window-shopping.” I was a little nervous about going in, and hoping no one we knew would spot us. But she walked in like it was a grocery store. “What’s come over her?” I asked myself. Inside there was one saleswoman and two other customers, both women. My wife marched straight up to the counter and asked the woman, “Where are the vibrators?” I’m sure I blushed fourteen shades of red, but my wife was perfectly calm. I gaped at her. “Who are you and what have you done with my wife?” I thought. “Back wall on the left,” the clerk said. As we walked to the back of the store I glanced at all the toys, clothes, games and so forth. I knew all this stuff existed, of course, but I had never seen much of it in person, and it was, well, titillating. I caught up with my wife, who was looking at a wide selection of vibrators. They came in more sizes, colors and shapes than I had imagined. She examined several, including one package that held two vibrators, each about six inches long, tapered at one end, one red and one blue. “Why two?” she wondered aloud. “One for the front and one for the back,” said the clerk, who had suddenly appeared just behind us. “Or his and hers.” I blushed again. I’d spent a lot of time wondering lately what it would be like to have something up my ass, such as Matt’s cock, but this was a surprise, coming from my wife. “We’ll take ‘em,” she said, handing them to the clerk. Then, to me, “Let’s go look at the dildos.” I could feel my face getting hot. The clerk looked at me and smiled, then whispered, “It’s okay. A lot of men have that reaction when they come in here. But a lot of them come back, usually by themselves.” I gave her a weak smile and went to join my wife. She was holding a large flesh-colored dildo -- bigger than my own cock at its hardest -- that curved upward slightly. “Think this is too big?” she asked. “I wouldn’t know,” I said. “Maybe something a bit smaller,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to hurt you.” “That’s for me ?” I asked. “Sure, honey,” she said, leering. “Well, I don’t know.” “Look,” she said, bending close. “Last night you had your dick up my backside. Don’t you want to feel what it’s like?” “Where is this coming from?” I asked. “It’s like you’re a different person.” “Well, lately I’ve been feeling like our sex life needed a shot of adrenaline,” she said. “Haven’t you?” This hit close to home. “Well, yes, frankly, but this isn’t really what I was expecting.” “Which is exactly why we should try it,” she said. We walked out with the vibrators and two dildos, a slim one about six inches long for me and a slightly longer and thicker one for her. Back home we had a nice dinner and a bottle of wine. While we ate we talked about our sex life, agreeing that we were both at fault at letting it get dull. We got to talking about fantasies, and she insisted we tell each other our deepest ones. “I’ll go first,” she said. The wine had made her a little drunk, and a bit more talkative than usual, but I was still stunned by what she said next. When she was in college, she had had sex several times with another woman, a friend of her roommate’s. It started when a group of friends had gone skiing, and she and this woman had shared a room in the big chalet they rented for a long weekend. The room was very small and had bunk beds, and my wife had taken the lower. The first night they had all drunk pretty heavily, of course, and my wife had been one of the first to go to bed. She was feeling very horny, so she had pulled off her pajama bottoms and was masturbating when the other gir
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l came in. My wife said she had tried to cover up quickly but the other girl had seen her. “Oh, God, you horny, too?” the girl had said. “I am on fire.” The girl shucked off her clothes and started up the ladder to her bunk. “Fuck that, too drunk,” the girl said. “Can I get in with you?” Without waiting for an answer the girl had flung aside the covers and climbed in with my wife. But instead of touching herself the girl had put her hand between my wife’s legs and started rubbing. My wife was too stunned at first to say anything, and then too overwhelmed by lust to resist. She reached over and found the girl’s cunt, and they brought each other to orgasm. “I came in about 30 seconds,” my wife said, her face flushing. “At least it felt that fast.” “Wow,” I said. When the session finally ended, about half an hour later, both girls had come three times. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, and the next morning had another round before finally getting up for breakfast. During a day neither said a word to the other about what had happened, but the next night they did the same thing, and the third night, too. “I saw her a few times after that weekend, and I would have loved to get together again, but she always acted a little distant and standoffish, so I let it drop.” “Did you ever sleep with a woman after that?” I asked. “No,” she said. “A month later I met you, and that was the end of my lesbian experience.” I couldn’t help but smile at that. “I still think about it from time to time, though,” she said. “A lot, actually. I mean, I think of myself as straight, but I must have some, well, tendencies.” “Wow,” I said. “I never knew.” “You’re not disgusted?” “Not at all,” I said. “So is your fantasy to do it again?” She hesitated. “Yes.” “With or without me there?” “Both. Is that okay?” “Of COURSE it’s okay!” I said. “We can’t control our fantasies. Believe me, I know.” “So what’s yours, then?” I took a big gulp of wine. Here we go, I thought. “Sex with a guy.” “Wow, really? You’ve always seemed totally straight to me,” she said. “This is recent,” I said. We were in dangerous territory now. “When you say sex with a guy, you mean the whole thing? Sucking his cock?” “Yes.” “Getting fucked?” “I think more about fucking him,” I said. “But I wouldn’t rule out the other way around.” “Wow,” she said. “With me there or not?” “Both,” I said, smiling. She poured the last bit of wine into her glass and drank it in one gulp. “I’m trying to picture you with a guy,” she said. “I think I’m jealous, but in a way not.” “Same with you and that girl,” I said. She sat there for a moment, breathing deeply, looking me straight in the eye. Her face and neck and the bit of flesh visible through her open collar were flushed. “The hell with the dishes,” she said. “Let’s go to bed.” She got up and walked down the hall to our bedroom. I sat for half a minute, drinking the last of my wine, and got up to follow her. When I got to the bedroom she was already naked, lying on the bed with her legs slightly apart, her pussy glistening with moisture, her fingers toying with her nipples. Our recent purchases, along with a tube of lube, were laid out on the nightstand. I started undressing. “Let’s start with a vibrator,” she said, spreading her legs wider. When I was finished undressing she looked at my stiffening cock and said, “I’m so going to suck that tonight.” My cock gave a twitch. I picked up one vibrator and turned it on the lowest setting. Settling myself next to her, I gave her a long kiss, then touched the tip of the vibrator to one nipple. She gasped. I took the other nipple in my mouth and gently sucked it. “Ohhhhh,” she said. “Keep doing that.” She took the vibrator from me and moved it slowly down her body. I turned slightly so I could keep working on her nipples while watching what she did with it. She seemed to be teasing herself; she moved it closer and closer to her clit, but took her time getting there, using the toy first to stroke the sides of her swollen lips. Finally she touched it to her clit, and let out a great moan. For a minute or so she rubbed her clit, moaning louder all the while. Then with a sudden movement she turned the vibrator in her hand and slipped it in. “Oh, Jesus God,” she said. “Fuck that feels good.” I moved so that I could watch more closely. She was using the vibrator to fuck herself, slipping it in and out with a slow but steady rhythm. I leaned down and flicked her clit with my tongue. “Oh, God, baby, yes!” she said. I had always been able to give her pleasure that way, but this time I really tried to give her my best. I started out very gently, gradually changing from licking to sucking. It was a little awkward with her hand moving so nearby, so I gently took the vibrator from her and took over the motion. Soon I got a good rhythm going, making the thrusts of the vibrator work together with my tongue. She was beyond moaning now, almost crying. Finally she said, “Too much. Oh, God.” I withdrew the vibrator and drew back from her now-sopping pussy. My cheeks and chin were covered with her juices. She was vigorously twisting her nipples. I picked up the other vibrator, turned it on and put them both in her hands. Then I moved her hands so the vibrators touched her nipples. “Oh, YES!” she said. “Keep going on my pussy.” I picked up the larger dildo. “This, too?” “Yes.” I put the tip of the dildo, which was at least 7 inches long and very thick, at the opening of her cunt. I leaned down and again took her clit between my lips. Then with one slow motion I pushed the dildo in. “Oh, fuck,” she said. “Oh Jesus.” Soon I had the rhythm going again, timing the thrusts of the dildo with the strokes of my tongue on her clit. Barely a minute passed before the orgasm began, first with a shuddering of her thighs, which pressed closely against my cheeks, then a convulsive contraction that almost yanked the dildo out of my hand, followed by a gush of fluid that flowed past my lips and filled my mouth. She pressed her clit hard against my lips for what seemed like two minutes, and then finally started to relax. In the quiet that followed I heard her quietly crying. “I hurt you,” I said, alarmed. “No, no, no,” she said. “It was just so intense. I’ve never felt anything like that.” “It was something to watch, I’ll tell you that.” She laughed. “I love you, Chris.” “I love you, Terri.” She picked up the slimmer dildo. “Now it’s your turn.”

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