Prime Logitech Z313 Wiring Diagram Logitech Z-2300 Remote Control Pod Disassembly – Blog.Jseaber.Com

Prime Logitech Z313 Wiring Diagram Logitech Z-2300 Remote Control Pod Disassembly – Blog.Jseaber.Com
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Logitech z313 wiring diagram - Here’s the deal: it might be unethical of me to launch the schematic and/or circuit board for public usage, and quite probable a breach of logitech’s highbrow property. There aren't any copyright, trademark, or patent markings at the z-2300 speaker set or the manage pod’s circuit board. However, a logitech product group member at the logitech message board writes:.

It seems this is how logitech’s warranty works. In preference to repair a faulty tool or ship out (or promote) replacement parts, they opt to give away modern day merchandise. I can see how the price of exertions for maintenance could be much less than worthwhile, but honestly it might be cheaper to send out small substitute elements as opposed to complete product sets. The z-2300’s far off manage can't be worth more than $10 in components—possibly an awful lot much less considering they’re mass produced. Despite the fact that exceptional for customer support, this technique to repairs is extraordinarily wasteful. Logitech is a splendid organization, and i used to be appreciative of their provide, but i declined. I did no longer want or need a 2nd z-2300 set (at the time). I used to be simply nitpicking….

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What is bothersome is logitech’s backwards coverage on replacement elements. I’ve owned my z-2300 set on account that overdue 2005. The extent manage has always exhibited horrible channel stability at low volumes. That is because of variations inside the left and right potentiometer gangs, which are said at the lower and upper thresholds of rotation. Such tolerance mistakes are commonplace amongst twin-ganged pots. There are fixes: 1) update the potentiometer and wish for much less blunders, or 2) enforce attenuation circuitry on the audio enter (series resistors), such that the maximum counter-clockwise position of the potentiometer is averted. I should’ve constant this imbalance myself. Rather, it become less complicated to elevate the extent on the pod and reduce quantity on the laptop. Anyway, i referred to as logitech’s aid line in the future to see approximately the prospect of buying a alternative far off manipulate. After explaining the annoyance, i used to be kindly informed that logitech could send me a very new z-2300 set totally free. Now not even a delivery price. What?! I used to be willing to shell out coins for a replacement part, and here they were supplying to ship me a $2 hundred speaker set on their invoice.

Back in october i bought a standalone z-2300 subwoofer on ebay, knowing i ought to construct a diy far flung manage pod based on my running z-2300 set. I disassembled my unique far off and deciphered the pinout in a count of hours. A board became sent off to batchpcb the next day; two weeks later, i published this video on youtube:.

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