Prime Defender Headlight Wiring Diagram Replacing NATO Light Switch - Defender Source

Prime Defender Headlight Wiring Diagram Replacing NATO Light Switch - Defender Source
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Replacing NATO light switch - Defender Source - With my modern expertise i suppose i need to cord the 12v feed (blue & white for dipped) and the headlight output into the switched circuit (30 & 87 on diagram)however what do i feed to the transfer circuit? (85 & 86) i would really like to hold the current fuses and i can try to mount the relays near the fuse container. A circuit diagram could be notable, any advice is also preferred.

I am due to in shape a few more potent lamps and improve typically the headlamps in my 1986 90, however i have realised that apart from the loom being bloody antique the new lamps are extra effective and i would really like to healthy a few relays, one for dipped and one for primary beam.

I suppose you've got your terminals and inputs muddled up for what you need to do. The high beam/dip beam voltage will go to terminal 85 (terminal 86 goes to earth) which while 12 volts are implemented, this energises the coil in the relay and closes the contact between terminals 30 and 87. So, in regular use you will take a fused supply out of your battery, connect with terminal 30 then run cables to your bulbs from terminal 87. The idea of using a relay is to apply the present wiring to truely perform the relays which calls for very low current.

I installed a bank of relays behind the device panel and took the relay transfer signal of a spur off the headlight switches immediately. The strength for the relays, i made up a few new wiring that i have coming off a new junction field/fusebox i set up behind the passanger seat (connected to the rear bulkhead) so the brand new strength deliver is going out the rear battery field, thru a hollow in the box section in the back of it, into the cab (new fuse box) then go into reverse the hollow through/beneath the gearbox tunnel, up the front of the bulkhead then through thr driving force side penetration to the relays.

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I will draw you a circuit diagram when i am getting home from paintings. As i understand it you need to update the prevailing headlamp wiring with new wiring and perhaps even a brand new headlamp plug? All these bits are easily to be had. I'd suggest you operate 5 blade dual touch relays, one relay for dip, one for complete beam and each relay has terminals for the weight, one for the left hand aspect, the other for the right.

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