Primary Samsung Earphone Wire Diagram Fixing Earphones – Trick With FM Radio – I'M Horngry

Primary Samsung Earphone Wire Diagram Fixing Earphones – Trick With FM Radio – I'M Horngry
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Fixing earphones – Trick with FM Radio – I'm horngry - If you love tune, you sincerely photo what i’m talking approximately. If no longer, i hope every body once in the lifetime will experience it (heheh…) otherwise, there may be no point of making this educational. Now not it’s turn for the fm radio trick! You may easily plug the 3.Five mm jack (you simply cut) and use it for the fm radio app for your android. Clean as that… when you have a further earphones set or giving up at this point, just plug the jack and now it works as an antenna. Of path, you need to listen via the inner telephone’s speaker. I am hoping it’s useful for somebody.

Man - that is tremendous!!! Precisely what i used to be seeking out weeks. Thank you brought of route there is one distinction - on similar samsung hfs are not gift "prev" and "subsequent" and they're marked as "vol " and "vol -" - do you believe you studied identical as i that they may be stressed out identical? I am going to build this for my galaxy note ii. Hate bt hfs reason in their battery consumption and now not simple maintenace in any respect. Just need to buy 4pin jack cause all additives already have (electronic and hw geek ). Btw.: Do you know if there had been any reductors with those buttons and that has a 3,5 mm jack for custom headphones?. Step 5) 2nd a part of my trick! Now keeping the tip with pliers (or perhaps scissors) burn it until you've got some thing like this. I in my opinion, tested every channel with my voltage tester set on connectivity-check mode. In different words, i tested if the burning system didn’t melt the jack too much and nonetheless saved the channels separated.

Step 3) strip the wires like this. What you’re seeing is 4 distinctive wires/band/channels: inexperienced, black, purple and loads of justin bieber hair – gnd (ground). You may assume it’s a large mess but simply order them like within the photo. Trouble? Quite commonplace… most effective one of the ear speakers running.?the twine turned into broken someplace. My revel in says that 90 of the times the cable is broken very close to the audio jack. Yes, it became correct all over again! Sufficient applauses, please.

Step four) right here it comes! Any other magic trick. Take a lighter and burn the recommendations of each wires. We’re doing this due to the truth that they’re so thin so it’s almost impossible to strip them. You have to have the recommendations without any protective. I’d have completed it before in the photographs. Cool for now.

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