Newest Wiring Diagram Koso Rx2N Koso Setup Help - Honda Hawk GT Forum

Newest Wiring Diagram Koso Rx2N Koso Setup Help - Honda Hawk GT Forum
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Wiring diagram koso rx2n - Mas mohob pencerahan, saya beli spido gini di bandung, ketika pakai eu brt semua jalan tapi pakai ecu standar ngga jalan rpmnya, pas di ukur european brt rpm output pas idle 2.Five v kurang lebih tapi ecu standar 0,03 v. Gimana solysinya agar berjalan everyday, udah langsung dari coil & pulser, malah kebalik rpmnya. Thx mas. Royal mail 24 hour tracked isn't always a assured carrier as noted in royal mail's terms and conditions we do no longer besides any liability for shipments that take longer than one running day to be introduced. We cannot open an investigation with royal mail until after 1 week of the posted date. All on the market (fs), trying to buy (wtb), trying to change (wtt), and comparable threads ought to be posted in an appropriate subforums. Do no longer submit these threads in every other discussion board. In case you do, they may be moved or deleted as they are observed.

Each attempt may be made to dispatched the products as quickly as possible after your order has been everyday. However, we will not be answerable for any loss or damage suffered with the aid of you thru any affordable or unavoidable postpone in transport. In this case, we may let you know of the put off and the purpose for the delay as quickly as is practical. Works like a allure now men, needed to placed a 10k resistor between the primairy coil and pickup wire. Edit! I don't suppose it is the 10k resistor but the dynatek ignition i placed between it. It appears to stabilize the signal. A mutifunctional gauge proposing a virtual speedometer analyzing it really is easy to replace between mph and kph, plus an rpm counter with high visibility needle to 10k rpm for greater readability. When ordering, please specify which drive sensor you need. See bottom of listing for begin up display.

Mas bowww yang 2 buah isi 2 pin di situ sudah tertulis temp 1 dan temp 2, jelas ini kabel sebagai indikator suhu.. Berarti 2 soket ini di hubungkan ke sensor suhu oli dan sensor suhu radiator. Mohon kejelasanya kalau di pasang di yamaha vixion,… terimakasih.

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