Creative 3 Speed Cooler Motor Wiring Diagram How To Make Connection Of Cooler Motor And Fan At Home.(In Hindi

Creative 3 Speed Cooler Motor Wiring Diagram How To Make Connection Of Cooler Motor And Fan At Home.(In Hindi
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Creative 3 speed cooler motor wiring diagram - One extra thing to maintain in mind is that the actual operating velocity for a motor like that is determined by means of the weight. With the motor disconnected from the load the speed could be close to 1500 rpm irrespective of the relationship. The weight will slow the motor down. The medium and occasional connections make the motor weaker so it slows down more. I accept as true with that @stainlesssteelrat has presented a quite likely configuration for the "run" coil and the rate alternatives. I believe that the white twine is connected to an inner capacitor that is linked in collection with the "auxiliary" coil. That would be one reason for countless resistance between the white cord and the opposite wires.

Version: vec300 voltage:48v/72v/96v rated dc bus cutting-edge:30a-200a rated output strength:1000-10000w motor manage mode:foc quiescent operation present day:20~40ma velocity restriction:controlled through motor and configuration driving technique:direct torque control keyway size: 190mm(l) x 180mm(w) x 50mm(h) weight:2.5kg) ). Learn multi pace cooler connection with rotory transfer extra films of sandeep agarmor tutorial ----------------------------- social links -------------------------- ... _agarmor mixer grinder rewinding ?O=u&vide... Cooler motor rewinding ?O=u&vide... Armature construction and principle ?O=u&vide... Ceiling fan rewinding ?O=u&vide... Mixer grinder connection ?O=u&vide... Mixer grinder restore ?V=mdwhc... Multi pace cooler motor connection with transfer ?V=gjjun... Maintanence of ceiling fan ?V=14yw1... How to check open and leakage faults in shaded pole motor the use of series trying out lamp ?V=h9kx_... Connection of cooler motor ?V=mbcfn... Connection of ceiling fan ?V=6sbuc... Working of dol starter ?V=yb3ce... The way to do tubelight reference to electric choke ?V=kaa2w... A way to make collection testing lamp ?V=ilm5d... The way to do staircase wiring ?V=htvbv... Creation and precept of shaded motor ?V=6elh4... Four factor starter ?V=c_uxi... The way to do tubelight reference to electronic choke ?V=pqpjb... A way to do ammeter connections ?V=-blpn... Operating of auto switch ?V=jln7q... Operating of contemporary transformer ?V=p1xyg... The way to use multimeter ?V=nakqg... What's lux meter ?V=ej4ic... Verification of ohms regulation ?V=scz4h... Working of growler ?V=a8rd0... A way to use tonge and clamp tester ?V=xf0p6... Modular electric board connection ?V=faaas... Working of stepper motor ?V=edsa9... Varnishing of cooler motor ?V=l3ecz... Screw gauge ?V=q60cq... Ohms law ?V=4vgeq... How to restore energy transfer of induction cooker ?V=yrhrt... Wheatstone bridge ?V=wsga1... How to alternate bush of cooler motor ?V=k09tf... How to trade battery of an ups ?V=3gnfb... A way to do pcb ething ?V=0u76j... Introduction of syncgronous generator ?V=aei0f... Blinking led collection connection ?V=xmpu-.

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It is not exact sir. 1 que. Sir. I've 160ah battery. If i load it with 60 watt fan and 30 watt tube mild so much back time it'll give?? Specific plz @ how lots time and cutting-edge a one hundred sixty ah battery will take to get completely rate? It is able to take 13 or 14 amp however the wire i've set up in charging segment is .75mm so i wonder how it contains a big modern-day with out getting harm since 3 years?????? Plz sir help me.

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